Windows 8 Anti Virus Programs

Windows 8 Activation Key

Windows 8 Activation Key

Whenever a fresh os is released there is certainly regularly a crazy rush to see which brand of antivirus application is the greatest for the new platform. Here are a few of the finest that we’ve found:

Microsoft Security Essentials

The application is totally free, and only consumes 30MB of your hard disk consequently there isn’t any need to worry about this slowing down operation an excessive amount.

Online threats are what this application is targeted on, rather than national threats through things such as USB drives. It is designed to attempt to stop viruses penetrating the weaker sections of the operating system (which, clearly, MSE is great for Windows 8,you can also get your Windows 8 Key from

Norton Antivirus

You have probably heard about Norton, and that’s maybe not just because they have an excellent marketing team – the software is truly superior. One thing that makes this program really good is that it is being constantly updated, and all upgrades are installed automatically without it being necessary for you to authorize them.

You need to note, however, that Norton can be fairly pricey should you opt for the more comprehensive strategies they supply. Overall, nevertheless, it is really a really good anti-virus software that’s been in existence for several years.

Kaspersky Anti-virus

This definitely is an anti-virus program that doesn’t get the interest it deserves, frequently being ignored in favor of the major players. You are going to hardly see the program will there be – it runs fully in the back ground, and will defend you from an entire selection of virus threats. Whereas Microsoft’s system focuses on the net, this software also enables protection against flash drives which can be really useful for business environments. In the event that you want a no-nonsense anti-virus, this might be for you.

Bitdefender Internet Security

It updates automatically, which means you will find that you are continuously at the height of protection.

Bitdefender runs smoothly with little user disruption, whereas other programs will take a toll on your personal computer operation.

McAfee Software

This software won’t only protect you from threats, but will restore files which were damaged by any potential threats.

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