Túi Ngủ Văn Phòng

The story goes that Freydis Eiriksdottir, the daughter of Viking Erik the Red, created the first túi ngủ văn phòng on her journey to North America in 1000, made from among the sails of her ship. Obviously, sleeping bags have come a long method given that she sailed all over the world, and the makers have paid attention to the needs of customers, producing sleeping bags for every outdoor camping, hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, fishing and searching adventure.

túi ngủ văn phòng

If you are going camping and require a túi ngủ văn phòng, don’t simply pick the very first one you see. Selecting the best one depends on the planned usage and how typically you prepare to utilize it. Given that sleeping bags been available in a variety of sizes and shapes and some were made for lower temperatures and retain heat much better than others it is essential to know which one works best for you. Choosing the appropriate túi ngủ văn phòng for your camping style will prevent a great deal of irritation.

The 2 most typical types of sleeping bags are rectangular and mummy or cocoon design. While rectangular shaped ones are probably the most popular design, experienced campers and experience candidates prefer the cocoon styles. The cocoon is a kind fitting design that is smaller and lightweight, but still offers the exact same temperature rating as equivalent rectangle-shaped bedroll. Mummy sleeping bags are spacious, solid, consist of many technical aspects, and are offered in a range of insulation and fabrics. Rectangular sleeping bags offer more room to walk around and can generally be zipped together with other rectangle-shaped bags if required. The mummy bag adheres more carefully to the body than a rectangle-shaped bag where heat leaves from the top faster. Some semi-rectangular bags come with a contoured hood offseting the heat loss. Typical dimensions for rectangular shape sleeping bags are: 28″ x 60″ (kids), 33″ x 75″ (grownup), 33″ x 80″ (high grownup), and 39″ x 80″ (big and high grownup).

sleeping bags are either synthetic-filled or down-filled. Goose down bags are light weight and perfect for backpacking and on your cycling journey. Distinguished for its exceptional insulation, goose down is one of the premier túi ngủ văn phòng products made to keep the warmth in and keep the cold out. Artificial sleeping bags are more affordable than down and generally non-allergenic. They are easier to look after specifically if spill is sponged off immediately. túi ngủ văn phòng fill will come in both short and long fibers. Numerous new synthetics utilize a “hollow fiber” method that keeps sleeping bags light and enables great compression when packaging, while still using outstanding heat. Long fibers found in sleeping bags with synthetic fill are more stable and will be less most likely to shift during use. Short fibers on the other hand, both down fill and artificial, can move throughout usage, affecting your túi ngủ văn phòng’s loft and welcoming cold air in.

Temperature level scores are a good prediction of the ability of your túi ngủ văn phòng to safeguard you from cold. Summertime weight bags keep you warm in temperature levels 35 degrees or greater. 3-season bags keep you warm in temperatures of 10 degrees to 35 degrees. Winter sleeping bags keep you warm in minus 10 degrees to plus 10 degrees. Winter/Extreme bags keep you warm in minus 10 degrees and listed below.

Túi Ngủ Văn Phòng

In the middle of cold nights your túi ngủ văn phòng will be your lifesaver. It is likewise a great idea to have a pad or a bed mattress beneath your bag to keep it off the ground.

How you look after your túi ngủ văn phòng is crucial and will make it last longer. Wash a synthetic bag in a front-loading washing machine with detergent. Dry it in a clothes dryer on low heat, not to melt the fibers.

Down sleeping bags on the other hand require unique care. Wash it by hand with moderate detergent. The best method to dry a down túi ngủ văn phòng is to lay it out flat.

Make certain your down túi ngủ văn phòng is totally dry prior to putting it away to prevent mildew, and clumping. If you utilize a clothes dryer to dry it utilize extremely low heat. It takes a very long time to dry a down túi ngủ văn phòng, but must never ever show up the heat or you will ruin your bag.

Wherever you take a trip the most essential camping device in your outside equipment is your túi ngủ văn phòng. Hope this assists you select a warm, snug one for a good nights sleep the next time you go camping. If you are looking for more information on túi ngủ văn phòng, please visit: http://www.zemzemshop.com.