Teflon Gaskets

Teflon Gaskets

The World Think Tank desires you input that is intellectual and is solicitating thoughts on preventing evaporation. High Tech Alternative is needed by us to your Low Tech Problem.

All of us know of the serious drought dilemmas in much of our nation. We are also half way through the most brutal hot weather of summer for many states. New Mexico are in serious need of greater technology and has problems that are quite serious. The Governor’s Office has asked for concepts and new ideas.

There is some new technology in Solar Energy which is of value. It’s called Copper Indium Diselenide? You say what, come again? What’s that? Just what we believed but it really is a thin stuff just like glass. It reaches conversion percentages just as much as 18%. Now we’ve got terrible evaporation difficulties with water out of Lales and rivers. We can cover those with a thin gasket and to a gasket of this on top hook it on one side. You prevent evaporation and make electricity.

Now this may sound like a very challenging move to make, but you see a giant gasket rolling mechanism that may dispense the gaskets of plastic with the Solar coated Copper Indium Diselenide if you analyze Berry Farming, such as Strawberries.

Teflon Gaskets

Since 95 Strawberries have had some great years thanks to these inventions. It is good to know strawberry farmers’ adversities are now able to be our gains and that because of market hardships they have gotten more progressive. Now then here are some of the teflon gaskets used. We propose we use non- clear teflon gasketis to ensure that algae will not grow underneath the gaskets and as long as the water flows it should be good. There are many a US Company making this teflon gasketing. And by utilizing a non-clear gasketing across the river flows in New Mexico where water is a huge issue we can kept the water from getting overly hot and killing fish when it gets too low significance we can use the water down to a lower level and protect the water from evaporating.

These teflon gaskets have been used in art with one artist using it for five miles and the teflon gaskets has been used by other big projects. Farmers of strawberries use these for many motives, birds will not eat seeds, less pesticides can be used when crops are smaller and growing, which can be a problem in any soft skin fruit, keeps moisture in the ground and uses the increase in UV light, you can read about it here:http://www.ptfe-rod.com.

There are many ways to use such gasketing to protect our water levels during the summertime months and drought years. We want your help to solve these difficulties. The World Think Tank desires you.