Mobile Phone Battery

Over the past few years there have been massive improvements in mobile phone technology. First we had colour screens subsequently mobile phone cameras or camera phones, then camera phones with flashes. The list goes on and on.

Mobile Phone Battery

We now live in a time where it’s common for mobile phones to have completely featured web browsers, gps systems, video players, music players and additional attributes at the same time. Additional electricity is of course used by each of these systems that are additional and we’re now at a stage where most of us find ourselves needing to charge our phone an increasing number of frequently although mobile phone battery technology has improved too,.

Below are some tips from which will both prolong the life of your mobile phone battery between charges as well as prolong the life of the battery itself.

Turn the screen brightness on your mobile phone to the lowest setting. Most individuals mobiles are set to the brightest setting by default and that is one of the largest unnecessary drains on the mobile phone battery.

Change off the vibrate mode. A little electric motor which drains the juice out of your mobile phone battery faster than you realise powers the vibrator in your phone.

If possible avoid using the additional functions.If you are looking for more information on mobile phone battery , please

Turn off WiFi and bluetooth. Most individuals have bluetooth and WiFi permanently empowered on their phones. Although most people are a small drain on the mobile phone battery it’s a drain still especially considering most days we usually do not even use WiFi or bluetooth.

Most modern phones focus on the 3G network which is immense drain on the mobile phone battery. In these 3G phones’ settings there’s an option only use the GSM network and to turn away 3G. If like some, you simply use your phone also and never use any of the 3G functions, merely a phone then change your phone to use GSM only. This will commonly increase the mobile phone battery life of your phone by 50%.

Switch the mobile phone off when you are in areas of no reception. This really is not useful to some but if like me you travel underground for an hour or so a day then turning off your phone because of this hour can give you an extra hours use later when you have a need for it.