Lalime’s: “Never Ever” Chicken Cheese!

It’s great to hear certain descriptions of food and wine–
the wine industry has some great
ones as you know:
“it’s all in the Terriore…”
“ Light lemon yellow color; pineapple upside down cake, 
kumquat nose; kumquat reduction,
tart apple palate with a little oxidation” or “it reminds
me of apricot pits.”
Do you eat apricot pit?!
Well we can beat those–
the two main components of our Thursday dinner
are chicken and cheese.
So the folks at Fulton Valley Farms say their chickens
come from the “Never Ever” program,
Never antibiotics Ever…

But the greatest one I’ve heard yet
is a quote by a couple guests at our restaurant
when they had the Fiscalini cheddar
(the only U.S. Cheese to ever win “Best Cheddar”
at the World Cheese Awards).
They said, and I quote,
“this cheese smells like sex…”

So Thursday we are serving the “Never Ever” Fried Chicken
with Mac and “Smells Like Sex” Cheese.
Our friends Paul and Armando who dine often
at the Lalime’s bar have been after me to do a
fried chicken dinner. 

We have dabbled with this for a while now, but
 to ask our chefs to serve fried chicken

regulary on the menu is as hard as it was to convince them
to put a burger on.
Well, wait no longer!

We now have fried chicken
and we are doing the kick off with this Thursday’s dinner.

Thursday April 28, 2001
Spring vegetable and greens salad
Fennel, radish, artichoke, fava, spring onion, sweet lettuces
Fulton valley farms Fried chicken 
with Home-made rigatoni (mac)
and Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar (cheese)
and beets
Strawberry and rhubarb cobbler
with homemade vanilla ice cream
for the dinner*

1329 Gilman
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*We have chosen a few wines for you try,
both from our reserve cellar and others,
and actually a great beer,
but you’ll have to come over to find out what they are.