How to Use Delphi Ds150e

Delphi Ds150e is very simple to use. Just turn your pc into an automobile diagnostic system. This interface with software comprised is all you need. Works for most of automobiles after 1996. It can read and clear all diagnostic problem codes. Show all the live info of your auto.

delphi ds150e

Delphi ds150e Directions:

There are several applications for working delphi ds150e, now we’re talking about software EasyobdII 2.2 variation.

1. First, Link your notebook along with your vehicle and change the key on or turn the engine to be running.

2. The components will soon be detected and mechanically installed, able to work with. If not, you need to use driver file to install it.

3. If you are using Windows Vista, just the software EasyobdII 2.2 works with Vista. For remainder operation system should perhaps not such troubles.

4. At the first attempt, you may have problem and see display such as the following.

5. Only at that measure, you need Go to Manage Panel–> method –> Gadget manager –>Interfaces(Com&LPT) –> USB serial port(com?), to learn which com number you need choose.

6. When the preceding com quantity is com1, Re-Start software EasyobdII, select COM port as com#1 at bottom line of program, and enable the application discover car ECU.

7. The machine will create data and shows on display.

8. Other matter to attempt: plug and unplug OBD2 connector and confirm connection is OK; or attempt a different usb port of your laptop.

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