Grand Canyon Antelope Canyon Tour

Float journeys down the Grand Canyon have to be one of the best methods to experience this remarkable National Park. Drifts through the Grand Canyon start near Grand Canyon Village, however you have a number of choices for reaching the launch point of which the most popular functions an airplane flight to the launch point with bus transport back to the South Rim.

There is an airport in Tusayan, Arizona, that flies tourists in and out of the Grand Canyon that lies just outside the primary gates of the park. If you fly east, you will get to view the amazing Painted Desert and Navajo nation prior to you land at Page, Arizona.

From there a Jeep with 4×4 will take you to Antelope Canyon, where you can get a grand canyon antelope canyon tour. There you will find channels cut into the rocks of the canyon wall that huge enough to walk through. Then the Jeep will take you to the Glen Canyon Dam after driving through a tunnel that is 2 miles long. The dam is a remarkable landmark as it is an outstanding 70+ stories high. Grand Canyon float trips start their journey from this incredible spot.

If you don’t wish to fly in, you can take a motor coach to the Glen Canyon Dam. By doing that, you can stop at the Glen Canyon Recreational Area. The tour guides are really educated about the history and geology of the area, and they love to explain the fantastic scenery you will come across.

A drifting tour through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River covers over 15 miles, and that is lots of time for you to see a few of nature’s most incredible sights. At Horseshoe Bend, you can get off the float and take a short walk to see some Native American rock illustrations called petroglyphs. You can also enjoy a relaxing lunch under the stunning cliffs that tower above you.

Later on, you will resume your float down the river until you come to a historical fort and trading post called Lee’s Ferry. At this moment, the smooth waters end, so you will board a bus and be carried to the South Rim of the canyon. Before you arrive, you can do some searching for genuine Native American crafts throughout a stop at Cameron Trading Post.

Your trip will need you to be in the sun for several hours, so be sure to use sun block and a hat with a large brim. You will wish to use a swimsuit since there will be opportunities to take a cool dip in the water, however it is recommended to use long sleeves while drifting for security from the sun. Consuming water is also a requirement, and you must bring some along if it isn’t really provided by your trip.

Canyon rafting trips are probably the most unforgettable of all the experiences you could pick. Considering that there are no whitewater rapids on these trips, they appropriate for everybody from kids over 4 years of ages as much as elderly people. Being so popular, seats fill up fast, so it is a good idea to book your trip as early as possible. Locate a trip company with an excellent reputation and make your appointments well in advance.