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The yearly Coachella Festival is in full-swing, sold out again, which time they doubled-up the occasion, 2-months instead of one. Suppose again, if you believe that is about Woodstock West reruns of medications, hippies, and free love. This season’s music had some advanced characteristics that would blow you a way – they even cut back a Rap Artist in the dead – nicely practically, tech no, and was really computerized – they cut back his security hologram. Yah, that was trendy. Okay therefore let us speak shall we?

Just in case you lost the news headlines or the viral movies of the high tech present, you may want to head to and research “Tupac and security hologram” or go study the post online on the Wall Street Journal Web Site titled; “Rap Artist’s Joy: Tupac security hologram May Possibly Go on Tour,” by Ethan Smith. Well, I Would say that title states it all and that we’ven’t noticed the last of holographic projection on the audio stage, in reality, this is simply the start. Truly, I Have been calling for twelvemonths the holographic age of amusement.

Were you aware that International Business Machines is investing $5 Billion on Spectral Imaging Study and Holographic as we discuss, which Google X-Labs, Apple, Microsoft, and innumerable other technology sector firms may also be thinking about that time to come? The amusement industry and Hollywood are scarcely alone in these efforts. Nevertheless, let me reiterate a notion I ‘d spoken about twelvemonths back at our think-tank – which is in-line with the complete theory of communicating and holographic assemblies – a take off of the Star Wars security hologram mobile phone apparatus that debuted in the Trilogy Collection.

Security Hologram

You see, as our state’s CEO seen the Americas Summit meeting of 2012 lately there was an unlucky scandal in Columbia, no the commander-in-chief had not been in risk, but it left many wondering about the world of his security during such diplomatic occasions. Just in case you overlooked the news headlines of that ordeal, please examine; “New Particulars in Solution Service Situation – At Least 20 Girls Involved, Leader of Bureau Tells Congress; Concerns Originate About Earlier In The Day Trips,” by Evan Perez and Jose DeCordoba.

Now subsequently, what if we only removed the significance of the President to be therein the first spot, we would save 100s of 1000000s of dollars annual in tax-payer’s cash. Is that even potential? Definitely it’s. For this reason I ‘m calling for a solution – Holographic Virtual-Reality security hologram Technologies where the first choice of our state can submit his digital holographic self rather than his anatomy. We simply send in the Key Service to put up the gear.We can provide high quality security hologram on hlhologram.