Find One Way Vision Window Film

One way vision window film  can be obtained by installing a high reflective one way vision window film. Reflective window tint is typically made from two sheets of polyester, which has been through a process that deposits a layer of tiny particles of metal, typically, bronze, silver or aluminum. This creates a very thin metalized layer in between the polyester sheets, a clear adhesive and thin polyester backing liner is attached and on the opposite side a scratch resistant coating.

One Way Vision Window Film

When this reflective one way vision window film is applied to glass it creates an one way mirror under the right conditions. The most frequent reflective window film is a reflective silver one way vision window film, the darkest usually called silver 20. This silver picture provides a silver mirrored appearance; other colours can be combined such as bronze, gold and grey.

How does reflective one way vision window film work?

Will reflect pictures to glazing the window tint when installed. For those who have one room that is dark and another that’s very bright the film will enable you to see into the brighter room but from the other side you will just get a reflection of the room you are in. You will not be able to see into the dimmer room.

Your eyes don’t understand that you are looking at a reflection; it looks as if you’re looking straight into the other room. It’s recommended to have at least a 4:1 light ratio to get an accurate one way mirror effect, due to the one way vision window film works it means the window tint has limits. The natural sun light will often be brighter than most artificial light stopping people from seeing into the property but allowing eyesight out, nevertheless at night time will be turned when installing the reflective one way vision window film  on external glazing.

There’sn’t any way around this unfortunately, if you prefer to have solitude day and night you’ll need to alter the lighting conditions to get at least a 4:1 light ratio day and night or have a look at a privacy one way vision window film which will stop people seeing in and outside.It is easy to find one way vision window film nowadays in sports shops and inkjetprintingmedia.